Our Christmas gift to you is an app that answers all your questions!

Written on December 17, 2017

222 Ministries IT team is very glad that the long-awaited app for ‘Porpasokh’ is now available to be downloaded from the Google Play Store (and soon from the Apple's App Store)! We consider it as a Christmas gift to the Farsi speaking church. PorPasokh is indeed a unique Farsi site which has answers to over 1000 difficult question Muslim friends ask!

The editorial team responds latest in 48 hours to any questions mailed to the team. Currently, over ten thousand are engaged in conversations or downloading material.  House church leaders, seekers of the truth in Christian faith, Bible College students, skeptics, are all finding the site very helpful… These are just a few short remarks.

A fanatic Muslim after a long discussion of about 2 weeks and sending back and forth many articles from Porpasokh website and his questions confessed:

“I have come to the conclusion that Islam can not give enough evidence of its truth and Christ is more than a prophet. He is the only son of God and the only one who can save us from sin. Your website convinced me of being wrong in defending Islam. Many thanks for your patience with me and leading me to Christ’s truth.”


Ali from a fanatic city in Iran writes:

“Your website is a really wonderful tool for answering our questions about Christianity and its teachings. I have learned a lot from it.”


A house church leader in Iran says:

“I use your website regularly in answering many questions people are asking from me. Thank you for this wonderful tool.”


Our IT team is hard at work, developing, improving and enhancing PorPasokh and all other internet-related services/websites/web apps around the clock. Our vision is to bring glory to the Lord's mighty name through bringing His lost children back home through our ministries. 

To that end and by God's grace, we're striving hard!


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